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One of the aims of the Citizens Advice service is to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives. We do this through research and campaigns, which involves gathering evidence from our clients, then campaigning for positive change at a local and national level.

While our advice work can help solve a problem for a particular person, research and campaigns looks at the cause of the problem and how we can prevent it from affecting other people. This allows us to use our experience, expertise and public profile to bring about improvements that benefit everyone, from our clients to people who may never access our services.

Some policies affecting our clients operate at a national level. Some policies are national but administered according to local policies and practices, such as housing benefit, community care, housing, health and education. Others are local, such as local authority collection of council tax arrears or school uniform grants. Depending on the nature of the problem, our research and campaigns volunteers work with key agencies, other branches of Citizens Advice and our national office to identify, report on and monitor trends that are affecting our clients.

The Citizens Advice website has details of the past campaigns and ongoing policy research co-ordinated by our national office. You can read about our local research and campaigns activity in the our campaigns section of this website.